2016: Human 1.0

2008: Forward in Reverse

1999: The Whole Scene Going

2001: Living High

1997: On The Outside

1994: Flowers On Your Pillow

l< Boukabou's 1st band 'All Rights Reserved' - 1990 - photo taken live show @ Asquith Boys High School

vocals: Jamel Boukabou

guitar: Greg Tweedie

guitar: David Milne

bass: Nic Rogencamp

drums: Wayne Crook

style: rock originals

below: 'Taking a Train' track 2 from LP 'On The Outside'm Human 1.0

track 4, 'ride it'  https://youtu.be/6Rc4KZFjTpk

2020: Seven

1992 - Entire

vocals/guitar: Jamel Boukabou guitar: Mark Bowring

guitar: Greg Tweedie

bass: Matt Dean

drums: Dan Terryls/ 1

1991 - Tonker

vocals: Jamel Boukabou

guitar: Adam Stevens

bass: Dave Murray

drums: Steve Babulj

how can i https://youtu.be/_qzoOVOJ5nI


How and where Boukabou came from is still a mystery. A staple of the Australian landscape., Boukabou plays every night somewhere on the road. With 7 albums under his belt and years of national and worldwide touring, he has performed and worked with over the years with the likes of Andy Cichon (Billy Joel), Paul Wheeler (Icehouse, Sneaky Sound System), Warren Trout (Colin Hay) and Dario Bortolin (Bee Gees, Jimmy Barnes).

How it all amounts to is Boukabou is a force to be reckoned with - a seasoned master of performance.

Now working on his 8th studio LP, his previous 2020 LP album release followed by an Australian tour titled '7' has so far had 2 singles released with film clips 'I Had a Dream'  - filmed on tour in Melbourne and his latest single 'Did I Come Across That Way' - recently shot in NSW Northern Rivers, where he currently resides.

Previous albums include the last LP to be recorded at Alberts iconic recording studios in Neutral Bay (Human 1.0 - 2016), Sydney and The Jolly Roger (The Whole Scene Going - 1999) in Hoboken, New Jersey with local and Australian musicians.

voice up in my head https://youtu.be/TwfUISbDdBU

my favourite picture: https://youtu.be/flNabyo3KHk

did I come across that way: https://youtu.be/AnaF7xLA8UU

my superficial friend: https://youtu.be/QxiHd5s5nFg 

one in a million: https://youtu.be/3rLGwUT5-AY

film clip links below

link to original show 2023 >